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Standard Residential Home Inspection Includes:  An SC state licensed home inspector (company owner) with the building experience to evaluate all systems.  An easy to read full color report downloadable to any computer. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.  (First time home buyer discount $10)

Environmental Testing Service Include:  Two test kit sampling and laboratory report. Air Chek Inc. is an industry leader in radon detection.
 Heated Size  Fee
 0,000-1,500 sq. ft.  $250.00
 1,501-2,000 sq. ft.  $275.00
 2,001-2,500 sq. ft.  $300.00
 2,501-3,000 sq. ft.  $325.00
 3,001-3,500 sq. ft.  $350.00
 3,501-4,000 sq. ft.  $375.00
 4,001-5,000 sq. ft.  $425.00
 Over  5,000  sq.ft  $475.00
 Older than 15 yrs.  +$25.00
 Outbuildings  +$30.00
 Re-inspection  $100.00


Radon Test with home inspection  $100.00
Radon Test alone  $175.00

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