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Your Inspection Will Include:


Roof/Flashing/Chimneys:  Evidence of leaks and estimate of age.

Structure:  Check for correct framing methods, stability and support.

Foundation:  Crawl space checked for moisture, wood deterioration, mechanical system workmanship and insulation.

Exterior:  Condition of gutters, soffit, fascia, siding, porches and decks are checked.

Plumbing:  Fixtures, faucets and water heater are checked.  Pipe material and condition along with functional flow are reported on.

Electrical:  Code violations are a hazard.  Inspection includes the service entrance and service panel, proper grounding and bonding, proper sizing, type of wire and presents of GFCI outlets and smoke detectors.

HVAC:  Units are operated to check temperature produced and condition of ducts.  Unit size and manufacturer’s date are checked.  Potential fire hazards are inspected.

Kitchen:  Appliances and cabinets are checked for operation.

Bathrooms:  All sinks, tubs, showers and toilets are checked for operation.

Interior:  Walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows are inspected.

Grounds:  Drives, walks, patios, walls and drainage are inspected.

Almost no home is going to be perfect (even new or recently built construction). Inspectors usually will discover some issues needing attention or that the buyer and seller should be aware of. This sample home inspection report reflects a typical home in good condition.


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